Bloom Girl, Bloom

3 Ways to Bloom Girl, Bloom

by Desiree Bailey on Aug 26, 2021

3 Ways to Bloom Girl, Bloom

Disclaimer: Hey girls, hey!!!! Before you get to reading, no this isn't your typical "fake deep, fake woke, fake positivity blog," so please don't be amused lol. I, Desiree Bailey pledges to that.

You may be thinking right now, "Desiree, a blog really?" "Desiree what all you got to say?" Oh girl, let me tell you, I have lots to say. I have always been the girl just simply trying to make my next move my best move. I have always found inspiration/motivation through the tiniest bits of things, and even though I'm still developing into my true authentic self; I have to share some of my wisdom, my opinions on controversial topics, and my tips on blooming through this journey of life. 

Why is Bloom Girl, Bloom combined with WigsByDess? It's not only important to look good, but you have to do some soul searching, and make sure internally you FEEL GOOD. We all know how social media plays a huge part in our lives holistically. We get so caught in the limelight of wanting to appear like everything's okay, simply because ya rocking 30" wigs, mink lashes, and a Gucci side purse. How exclusive are you on the inside though? I been through the stages of only wanting to look good, myself. I didn't give a damn about the internal problems, because "ain't nobody gone know.." That was a lie, I was looking good, but my attitude stanked, I'm pushing people away, taking off the makeup and two piece set at night, and back to reality I go.....I'm nothing without it, this stuff is making me!!! I really had to dig deep and figure out what was going on? I was focusing on the wrong things!! I was more so worried about the outer and not the inner. Oh yeah, we're going to TALK ABOUT IT!! LET'S GET REAL........ is NOW a platform where you can come and shop for your wig, book your service, and bloom into your true authentic self. Just as flowers bloom into their final forms, we also have the ability to grow and bloom into fuller, and better versions of our true selves. I am so excited to share and inspire each one of you, who is on the journey to a blooming in all areas of life.  Introducing, Bloom Girl, Bloom where every girl is entitled to BLOOM!


1. Embrace the Challenge

We all face challenging situations at one time or another, but the key thing to know is that life is not going to be smooth, so PREPARE FOR IT!! One of the challenges I'm going through in my life right now is creating a balance for me. I'm a full-time college student, taking 18 credit hours, trying to keep content and active engagement on my business page, taking orders and services for WigsByDess, working every other weekend at Pathways, .. I mean, damnit, the list goes on. I've learned that the trick is to not really embrace the challenge, but EMBRACE LIFE!! Come what may. Do not try to break your hardship down into what's easy or difficult.. Decide to live life, the WHOLE PACKAGE! Surely with challenges they come as a season. Your situation will change, but you can't sit still and let the challenge, challenge you (don't let that go over your head). Whatever current challenge you're facing now, is preparing you to bloom. So don't run from it, FACE IT! 

2. Stop Complaining

This is for the people in the back!!!! I'm speaking to myself, just as I'm speaking to any of you. Why is it that we complain when things don't go our way? We always want to blame someone else, when the blame is on us. I've learned that at this point of my life, that complaining doesn't work, it's literally a waste of time. All through college, I'm sitting here complaining, "Man I'm tired", Why is my professor assigning assignments week after week?" Guess what though, my complaints ain't stopped nothing lol. I still was tired and still completed the assigned work. Just complaining to be complaining.

I want you to think about a situation you've complained about, and ask yourself. "Has this improved my situation." The answer is probably, "no. So, why complain when you can use that time to improve your situation. Find another hobby, complaining doesn't stop anything, you'll still have to face your reality. 

3. Visualize the Future

I always used to think, "I'll never have enough time or money to do the things I want to do." I had to really get out this mindset, and start manifesting the life that I want. With the power of visualization, I finally realized the capabilities I have in my own mind. 

I want you to do an exercise for me.

Think about someone who is in a dead-end job. They are barely paying the bill. They haven't finished their degree, or finished it, but aren't using it. They spend all day thinking about the end of the day. Who is this person? Is this you? 

Now imagine someone who is working the job of their dreams. They wake up excited to greet the day! They are an executive of a company, or even started their OWN COMPANY! They have plenty of time and money to do the things they love. 

After your imagination, which character are you or the one you want to be? With the power of visualization, you have full control of creating the life you want with the power of your mind. Be as detailed as you can, visualize the entire process, and write it down. 



We have just embraced three ways we can use to bloom. These ways will take some time to work on. After reading this blog, you aren't going to wake up a full bloom flower, Na... After reading this blog you will still struggle with embracing challenges, complaining, or visualizing your future. I still do. However, If you work everyday applying these ways to your journey of life; you will find yourself shifting in a new direction to be able to BLOOM GIRL, BLOOM. 

Thanks so much for reading. 

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