Thank you for your interests in our products. Please see below an answer to all frequently asked questions. 
1. Do you sell your wigs? 
Yes, I do.
2. What products do You Offer? 
We offer Wig Units that is a combination of closures, frontals, transparent & HD lace, Natural Black, and 1B Wig Units 
3. What size wigs do you offer? 
We currently offer Medium Size wigs
4. How can we purchase your wigs?
Our wigs are available in a form of new releases and preorders 
- New Releases: Includes classic, blondes and colorful wigs. In order to reduce processing, we make them available on our website when they are ready to ship. We encourage you to follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when New Releases are in stock.
- Preorder: These are wigs made based off a concept/inspiration or remake of old WigsByDess unit upon specific request from the customer. Please read our preorder guidelines. 
5. Do you offer custom coloring for wigs?
We do not offer custom coloring upon request, but we do remake colors that we have created in the past
6.  Do you offer coloring services for bundles? We do not offer coloring services for bundles; it has to be a wig. 
7. Can you make a wig if I provide the hair/my own bundles?
Yes. Please locate the "book, WigsByDess" tab to schedule an appointment slot
8. Do you accept rush orders?
No, we do not currently offer this service.
9. Why are all wigs sold out on the site?
In order to reduce processing time, we only make items available on our website when they are in stock and ready to be shipped or picked up 
10. When are you going to restock your wigs?
We only restock items on the website when they are in stock and ready to be shipped
11. How would I know when new wigs are in stock?
Our Newsletter and social media followings are the first to know about restocks and newest collections.
12. Do you ship internationally?
No we don't
13. Do you offer wig making class?
Yes, we currently offer wig making class. Please email us.
14. Do you offering coloring classes?
No we don't. We encourage you to check our Instagram for more information about our classes when they become available
15. Are you currently selling your vendors?
No, WigsByDess do not sell or share hair vendors
16. Do you offer payment installment plans like Klarna, Afterpay, and Sezzle?
Yes, WigsByDess currently offers Klarna and Sezzle 
Please send us an email at wigsbydess@yahoo.com if you have any additional questions other than the ones answered in this section. We will be more than happy to help!
WigsByDess Management 
8. What's the quickest way to get a response? Through email or social media