1. Condition hair at least once every one or two weeks using a good quality sulfate-free product.

  2. Use moisture-rich products for the best results,I recommend Aussie Moist. 

  3. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb hair, when detangling start with the ends and work your way up.

  4. After washing, allow hair to thoroughly air dry. 

  5. Do not use heavy oils as it will stiffen your hair and give a greasy appearance.



1.  Apply a moisture rich Conditioner  to hair at-least twice every week or tw

2. Finger detangle hair starting with the ends working your way up to your roots

3. Once mostly detangled take a detangling brush or wide tooth comb and fully detangle hair til smooth.

4. Never brush or comb hair when dry as it will cause frizziness, tangling, and hair breakage.

5. Leave conditioner in for 30 mins to an hour and rinse and let air dry.

6.Overly using heavy oils can cause matting.

**Always wrap hair (i.e. scarfs and bonnets) before bed to avoid tangling, matting, and dryness ESP for curly hair**


 Laces are delicate and easy to damage if you don't know what you are are doing or how to care for them. The hair is only attached to the lace by a knot. If you over process your knots, you will experience a serious case of shedding. If you are too rough on the lace by combing & brushing it will shed. Do not scratch your lace it will also cause premature shedding. Being reckless (brushing/combing roughly, scratching, pulling, sleeping without hair wrapped etc) with your lace can shorten the lifespan. Laces are not meant to last forever. It's important you know and understand the lifespan of laces. Keep in mind that they will shed overtime.

For proper upkeep of a Frontal and/or Closure install be sure to wrap the lace securely with a scarf or band before bed, washing face, and showering. Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 weeks. If you are not comfortable with using mousse to create baby hair do not do this yourself the wrong mousse or improper technique can cause your lace to lift prematurely. Everyone is different so your install may not last as long as someone else's. If you are prone to heavy sweating or you exercise on a daily your install will not last as long as those living a basic daily life.


When removing a glued down lace system it is crucial that you are careful. If you own a lace removal spray or gel start by soaking the front of your lace in that remover (If you don't have remover use a 91% alcohol or wet lace and soak in shampoo). Whichever you have after applying use your fingers to gently rub the lace around as it begins to loosen up. DON'T rip the lace right up(even if you began to see or feel the edges of the lace come up) you could possibly damage your skin, hair, and the lace itself. Let the lace move back on its own as you continue to gently rub.once the lace is completely off take a face towel and the before mentioned alcohol or Seabreeze to remove any glue residue remaining on your skin. Gently take down your cornrows then wash and detangle your hair.